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    2. Shanghai Shanjie Electric S&T Co.,Ltd
      Shanghai Shanjie Electric S&T Co.,Ltd
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      DC Power Supply Variable-frequency power supply Inverter Power Supply Charger AC Regulated Power Supply Isolation Transformer
      • ⊕Tongji University
      • ⊕AVIC Shanghai Aviation Electric co.,ltd
      • ⊕Honeywell
      • ⊕Technixal University of Denmark
      • ⊕ANZ Shanghai Branch
      • ⊕Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Tochnology
      • ⊕Shanghai Magiev Transportation Development Co.,Ltd
      • ⊕GE CTC-GE China Technology Center
      • ⊕Shanghai Alstom Transport-CN
      • ⊕Siemens Ltd., China
      • ⊕Peking University
      • ⊕Xi'an Jiaotong University
      • ⊕Chinese Academy Of Sciences
      • ⊕Jiangsu University
      • ⊕Shanghai Institute of Ceramics,Chinese Academy of sciences
      • ⊕Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry co.,Ltd
      • ⊕Shanghai Institute of Microsystem And Information Technology
      Shanghai Shanjie Electric S&T Technology Co., LTD
      Tel:+86 21 51698706
      +86 21 51698706
      Company Information
        Shanghai Shanjie Electric S&T Technology Co., LTD is special engaged in the supply of product development, design, production, sales and service in the integration of high-tech enterprises. Companies adhere to the "honesty, excellence and customer satisfaction," the management idea, make full use of Shanghai in talents and information, transportation, finance, trade, etc advantage. Company since its inception, successively with Zhejiang University, University of Science and Technology of China, Chinese Academic Institutions such close cooperation. ......more
      Series Products
      DC Power Supply
      DC Power Supply
      Dc voltage is stabilized power supply a new precision line DC voltage adjustable stabilized power products, ...
      Intelligent Charger
      Intelligent Charger
      ZA series constant voltage and current intelligent charger are designed according to battery charging curves and ...
      High-power DC Stabilized Power Supply
      High-power DC Stabilized Power Supply
      Adopting pulse width modulation integrated circuit and imported big power pushing module,this inverted power ...
      Isolation Transformer
      Dry-type Isolation Transformer
      The isolation transformer and compensator manufactured by Shanghai Shanjie company are indoor air selfcooling ones...
      Power Regulator
      Power Regulator
      This series large power voltage stabilizer is an energy-saving new product developed by our company by absorbing the ...
      Variable-frequency power supply
      Variable-frequency power supply
      Inverter power supply through AC – DC – AC conversion is called variable frequency power supply, which differs from variable ...
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      Shanghai Shanjie Electric S&T Technology Co., LTD  Tel: +86 21 51698706
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